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Extra DNS v3.0.4

Rating Popularity
Size 4802 KB
Price - -
License shareware
30 Days Trial
Version 3.0.4
O/S All Windows - Vista - XP - ME - NT - 98, ME, XP - 98 - 2000 - 95
Speed up your surfing by storing actual IP numbers on your hard drive. Type www.pcworld.com into your browser, and your computer has to go to a domain name server (DNS) to find the actual IP number (, in case you're wondering) that corresponds to that URL before loading our Web site.
ExtraDNS saves time by intercepting DNS requests and storing replies in a fast, indexed database. The next time your system needs to resolve the same address, ExtraDNS instantly supplies the reply from its database. This decreases delays when loading a Web page (it also has to resolve addresses for the graphics, banners, and other elements of the page). All IP numbers are not stored on every DNS server, and browsers usually search for them one by one to resolve the URL. ExtraDNS further speeds up the search process by searching many DNS servers simultaneously.

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